By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Yesterday, I saw “Pale Blue Dot,” a photograph of Earth taken on February 14, 1990 by the Voyager I space explorer. The photo was taken so far away and yet it was the perfect distance to convey how large our world is and how small we really are in the overall scheme of things. There’s so much more out there than what meets the human eye. We’re all just living on the pale blue dot and doing our best to survive and embrace the moment at hand. After all… Just like they say, all we have is Now. This moment.

Just like me, you are here. At one time, this moment was the future. But, that all changed when this moment arrived. It came sooner than expected. It always does. Time flies indeed and rolls on as we collect our moments. So, we’re here now. It is completely up to each of us how we choose to spend our time while we’re here.

So many are in pain at this moment. Reiki continues to introduce me to extraordinary people and animals. It makes me feel better knowing that I am making a difference, like so many other Reiki practitioners who are committed to healing the world – one soul at a time. Just last night, I was sending distance healing to a woman, her son and her bird. All of them are incredible and the bird is a very wise soul too. I love working on families from a Distance, and the results are always positive as Reiki delivers for our highest good.

Everything is energy and Reiki is the energy of unconditional love that expands when we allow it to. As Reiki practitioners we learn to get out of the way and just let the positive energy flow. We simply channel the soothing vibration that helps us heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I was right here this morning as I sent Reiki to J.P., for a number of very deep pain issues that she is trying her best to deal with at this moment. After just three Distance sessions, the results have been nothing short of miraculous as knee braces have been left behind and sleep has become a more regular occurence for her. Reiki is helping to strengthen her and bring her mind, body and spirit to a higher level as she prepares to fight cancer. Her strength, determination, attitude and grit humble me to the core. She’s a badass and I told her that a few days ago. She didn’t disagree with me either.

We are living during unprecedented times where Reiki is needed and welcomed by so many. Tonight, I will send more Reiki to the world, knowing full well that God’s energy is delivering exactly what it needs to deliver at the perfect moment. We’re all connected and Distance Reiki proved that to me years ago. God Bless You and Thank You for being here and sharing this moment with me.

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