By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

It seems like I’m always writing about, talking about or doing my best to paint about Reiki. I am confident there are those who think I’m just another kook who’s gone off the deep end with this “Roo-kee” stuff. Unfollow me or whatever feels right to you if you don’t like hearing about Reiki. But, take it from one who was the most skeptical guy walking the planet at one time… Reiki is as real as it gets.

This morning I spoke to a woman who was just given a walker on Monday. We sent her Distance Reiki on Monday night. She said she was getting around without the walker on Tuesday. She is dealing with major inflammation in all of her joints. I should say, she Was dealing with those things before Reiki showed up with one session from a Distance. I listened to the joy in her voice earlier today. This is why I talk about Reiki so much.

Last Saturday I taught a Reiki class, and it had been almost a year since my last virtual class. Now, I feel very comfortable teaching Reiki virtually and so I will be doing many more classes this year. I got to see the power of Eternal Love’s energy as it worked its way through all of the students. Reiki will always be the same energy, but is interpreted differently depending on what a person is dealing with at that time in their life. Reiki always delivers for our Highest Good and sometimes that can be painful, but it’s still for our Highest Good.

I have been talking about Reiki since it took away the pain in my hands. For me, it was a miracle, nothing less. Surgeries were cancelled because of Reiki and this is another reason I talk about it all the time. Sometimes, a surgery can actually be avoided. Not always. Sometimes. Depends on the situation. But, I’ve seen it happen and heard about it happening from many people who I shared Reiki with. This is why I talk about it all the time.

I’ve been sharing Reiki with others for over ten years. From what I can tell, it doesn’t really matter what the situation is. Reiki will always bring the Highest Good to the circumstances – no matter what. No matter what. If you’re in any kind of pain, please consider Reiki. You’ll be glad that you did and then we can talk about it.

Reiki always brings three things to any situation – Peace, Love & Hope. This is why I will be sending Reiki to the world tonight. If ever there was a time when Reiki was needed everywhere in the world, it’s right now. I have seen Reiki do the impossible when a person was open to receiving unconditional love from above. Let us all pray for more Peace, Love & Hope. You’re a big part of the world and will be receiving Reiki tonight. Rest easy and pray for Peace. Then, we can talk about it some more.


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