By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

We have all been through a lot the last couple of years with the pandemic and all of the other frightening things that rage through the headlines of the day. If ever there was a time when Dr. Mikao Usui’s wisdom was needed, it’s right here and right now. Dr. Usui said, “Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger.” As a Reiki practitioner, I made a commitment to live by these words every day – no matter what. And, just like my Dad always used to say to me, “If it was easy, anybody could do it.”

When the pandemic first hit followed by school closings, remote learning and everything else, my first thought was, “How will the kids do with all of this going on?” They are our future and we need to take care of them as they make their way through this world of ours. One day, they will return the favor by taking care of us. How many caregivers are reading this who are now taking care of their parents? The Circle of Life continues.

We all need to feel a connection to others, and being isolated can make that very difficult. My granddaughter struggled with remote learning and missed seeing her fellow classmates in person. Now, she’s back in school and making the Honor Roll! Also, I attuned her to Reiki and she uses it on a regular basis to help her relax and focus. The healing energy of Reiki is obviously helping her and I couldn’t be happier.

During the pandemic, I saw an increase in Distance Reiki requests from parents who were concerned for their children. Some of the requests were for illnesses and aches and pains. But, many were cries for help for their children who were struggling emotionally. I have heard about grade school age kids who were depressed and could not hide their feelings from their parents. My Distance Reiki efforts have helped eliminate nightmares and improve sleep habits resulting in higher energy levels, better concentration and an overall improved outlook on life.

From what I have learned, you are never too young to receive Reiki. In cases where it doesn’t make sense to try and explain Reiki to young minds, I simply do the Distance work and let Reiki do what it does as it heals our body, mind and spirit. Then, I hear back from parents, saying things like –

“He seems like his old self now. He’s a happy boy again.”

“She just got her report card and there was a major improvement!”

“She told us that she likes going to school again!”

“It has been so hard with covid. Reiki is helping us all stay grounded and more loving to each other. Home Sweet Home! Didn’t think we’d ever get there.”

“He is sleeping through the night and no longer waking us up crying hysterically.”

“She has so many challenges because of her disability. Your Distance Reiki is helping her each and every day. We can see it in her smile.”

I have seen Reiki deliver Peace, Love & Hope to kids of all ages. One of my goals is to do Reiki Classes for Kids on a more regular basis. In the meantime, if you are concerned about your little ones, please consider Reiki. You’ll be glad you did.

With kids, there are no judgments as they welcome the healing energy. When sending Reiki from a Distance, I always make sure that I have permission from the recipient. But, in situations with young children, receiving permission from the parents gives me the green light to help the little ones with whatever they might be dealing with. God Bless The Children. Reiki can help bring families closer together during challenging times.

*The artwork accompanying this article was made by Saige. This young girl came and saw me at a recent community expo and got on my treatment table for a session. On the last day of the event, she came back and gave it to me. Kids are the best. Thanks Saige!

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