By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Almost ten years after my first Distance Reiki session, I am still amazed at how the healing energy helps us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Experiencing Reiki through the eyes of a child brings a never ending wonder and joy that is hard to put into words. Reiki from a Distance helps us heal because everything is energy and we are all connected. Just imagine the possibilities if this fact was understood and embraced by everyone on the planet. How different would our world look?

When I first started sending Distance Reiki to those who contacted me, I experimented with healing visualizations and was always open to the gentle nudges that I received from “The Team,” my loving spiritual guides. With each Distance Reiki session, they showed me that not only are angels real, but they are always there to help us too. All we have to do is believe in their eternal love for us, welcome them into our lives and trust their guidance.

The Team introduced me to so many healing visualizations that are just second nature to me now as I incorporate them into each Distance Reiki session, along with any new ideas that I receive. One of my favorite visualizations is the “Reiki Comforter.” At the end of each treatment, I wrap the person or animal in a light, mulit-layered, protective and nourishing “comforter” – with each of the 7 layers consisting of the 7 sacred symbols that I work with. The symbols are: 1. Power. 2. Emotional. 3. Distance. 4. Master. 5. Holy Fire. 6. “Rising Star” (Given to me on 5/17/19) 7. Christ Consciousness (Sign of the Cross).

As I wrap up each session, I visualize the recipient leaning back into a very comfortable chair that is The Master Symbol. Then, we send them on their way, “light as a feather,” while they are firmly grounded. To be grounded, yet feeling so light is a very good place to be. It is no wonder that everyone tells me how light they feel the next day. Reiki helps us leave behind all things that no longer serve our best interests. We naturally feel lighter as we leave behind any heavy burdens that have been weighing us down.

I also use what I call the “Holy Fire Wave” during a Distance session. Beginning with the placement of Holy Fire over the person’s heart, the healing flame expands, engulfing the Reiki recipient’s entire being as they ride the wave like a raft on the water. Holy Fire heals at a very deep level and I visualize the wave going up and down 7x as it clears out all negative, destructive energies, sending them deep into the ground. Then, the recipient simply lounges on the wave as I continue with the healing session.

Prior to using my Reiki Comforter, I place the Power symbol and Holy Fire on the bottom of a person’s feet. This helps them “Step into power” (Thank You Laurelle Gaia), as their confidence builds and the healing is expedited. I visualize them getting stronger with each step they take. The results are always positive.

This article does not cover all of the visualizations that I work with during a Distance Reiki session. We will cover other techniques in future articles. My hope is that some of these ideas will help you along your way. If I could sum up my experiences with visualizations in one word, that word would be “Trust.” Reiki practitioners have been blessed with the gift of working with God’s energy, and as we learn to trust the guidance we receive, the sky is the limit. Trust yourself and trust the healing power of Reiki.

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