By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

During my Reiki classes I always tell students to trust their gut feelings because those hunches are examples of God whispering in our ear. Have you noticed that those hunches are always right? We usually end up getting into trouble when we don’t pay attention to the subtle hints that we receive whenever we have a choice to make. Should I do it or not? What feels right to you? Trust your Gut.

A few years ago, I fell in love with an opportunity where I could share Reiki with rescued animals and people in pain at a beautiful ranch that seemed like a dream come true. I was told that I could teach Reiki classes and have my students share the healing energy with all of the animals that had been abused but were now living in this incredible place of healing. We worked on a space that was supposed to be for my in-person Reiki treatments too. The whole time I kept hearing about what a huge success this ranch would be as people would come from near and far to join us on this sacred ground. I was told many things. Too many of those things just didn’t add up. But, I was so in love with my vision for this opportunity that I ignored the countless red flags that kept popping up.

Then, I finally reached a point where I could no longer ignore my uneasy gut feelings about the ranch and knew that I had to cut all ties with this place. I also had to let go of my vision of helping the animals as well as veterans with PTSD and abused children. My heart was in the right place but I was in the wrong place, and finally realized that I had to listen to that gut feeling whose whispers were now more like shouts. This feeling was so powerful that it felt like I was facing a life or death situation and needed to get out of Dodge ASAP! In the meantime, a so called psychic medium, who claimed to be blessed with many spiritual gifts, was telling me to do exactly the opposite. She told me, “You need to jump in! The ranch needs you. You have to commit and jump in!”

Just because someone is a medium does not mean that they can actually help you or have your best interests in mind. Just like everything else, there are good and bad mediums. Some are so gifted and do great things for many who seek out their guidance. Others are cleverly disguised as messengers of The Hierarchy, when in fact, they are just another member of the dark forces and excel at misleading people. Trust your gut feeling. You will know if something feels right or doesn’t sit well with you. Trust yourself.

I have been around the proverbial block of lies and broken promises more than a few times. My heart can be much bigger than my brain as I always strive to look for the good in all things. Looking back over the years, the times that I got into the most trouble were when I chose to ignore my gut feeling. Reiki has taught me to trust more with its gentle healing touch that always leads to my highest good. Reiki has helped me let go of things that no longer serve my best interests and to be comfortable with my decisions. If a gut feeling is God whispering in our ear, why in the world would we ignore such wisdom?

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