By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Yesterday I read a disturbing news story about people’s hands being cut off and felt sick just thinking about it. Reiki found me when my hands were in so much pain. They ached around the clock. This amazing healing energy removed my hand pain and thankfully changed my life forever. Without my healing hands, the woman with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer wouldn’t have felt the relief that she experienced while lying on my treatment table. This was the first time I put my hands over a client’s ears during a Reiki session. I mentioned to her that she had been forced to hear many things recently that she didn’t want to listen to from doctors, family members and other close ones. This brave woman had been the picture of health all her life and suddenly Cancer had changed all of that so suddenly. Reiki helped clear out all of those negative words and brought her such relief as she smiled during the entire session. Her smile first appeared when I put my hands over her ears and never went away. Her daughter told me later that it had been a very long time since her Mom had smiled like that.

Without my healing hands I would not have been able to help so many rescued animals who thought that a man’s hands were only meant for harm. So many warmed up to me and licked my hands as I shared Reiki with them. Touching them so gently and lovingly helped change their belief that hands were only meant to hurt them. Their gratitude was so obvious as they got as close as they could to me and my healing hands. Any man who uses his hands to harm an innocent, helpless soul is the definition of a coward.

Without my healing hands the woman who had been severely beaten and abused would have believed just like the animals mentioned earlier that a man’s hands were only used to bring pain and destruction. She cried as she laid on my treatment table and received Reiki’s gentle, healing touch. She told me that I was a good man and an angel who had appeared in her life at the perfect time. This was one of the first times that I had tears of joy in my eyes as I shared the energy with her. She had been to hell and back multiple times and for once in her life she was being shown some kindness and love thanks to my healing hands.

I work with my hands as I share Reiki from a Distance too. We are all connected and this is why Distance Healing works. So many of my clients tell me how they felt my healing touch from across the miles as their pain melted away. One Reiki recipient recently told me how she felt soothing hands take away the pain in her heart as I sent the energy from another country. “It felt like many hands massaging my pain away. I have never felt anything like it before.” Thank God for Reiki and my Healing Hands.

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