By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Today, I spoke to a woman of color who is fighting the good fight by wanting to give back to her community. She shared how devastating the last year has been for the people where she lives. She wants to lift others up and show them that there is a better way than being pulled down further by the crushing blows that they have had to endure as normal, everyday Americans just doing their best to get by. These are tough people. Natalie and I hit if off famously. We had an instant connection that will only grow stronger as we continue to work together.

I am so grateful for being able to talk to so many people everyday who want to help their fellow brothers and sisters. It’s so inspiring! There are a lot of good people out there. They all fight the good fight everyday of their lives by trying to do the right thing and treating others the same way that they want to be treated. It’s such a simple rule: “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” This wisdom was shared with us many years ago by the Son of God. As a collective species, we’re slow learners. God help us. Life would be so much easier if we all just tried to follow The Golden Rule.

When that day finally arrives, we will all be fighting the good fight and finally understand that we are all connected as One. We lift ourselves up as we lift up others by treating them with love and respect. Reiki is a friendly companion to have along for the battle of wellness when surrounded by negativity and pain. Reiki grounds us and allows us to send the healing energy to situations around the world. Instead of getting depressed by the most recent tragic event, Reiki helps us operate at a higher vibration and leave behind all things that are not serving our highest good. Turning off the news and focusing on the sanctity of the moment can be such a great escape from the headlines.

We can continue to fight the good fight by not getting sucked into all of the hatred and ugliness that can be so prevalent -seemingly everywhere we look. Reiki fights the good fight by bringing stress and pain relief at a time when the casualties from mental disorders are at an all time high. So many have had their lives shaken to the core. I am humbled by the stories that others share with me on a daily basis. I’ve spoken to many people who have or have had Covid. Throw a pandemic into the tornado that is modern life and stir. We’ve been through a lot together. If you or someone you love has suffered during this unprecedented time, and you could use a little pain and stress relief, please consider Reiki. You’ll be glad you did. Take good care of yourself. You need to be at your best if you’re going to fight the good fight.

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