By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Today, I had the honor of speaking to a number of nurses who are inquiring about being Health/Life Coaches with Health Coach Institute. I told them how much I respected them for the work they did day in/day out and sometimes around the clock. God bless the caregivers. I also shared with each soon to be coach how I believed that the nurses I had when I was in the hospital were guardian angels.

Those caregivers brought me comfort when I was many things but certainly not comfortable. I was in pain, couldn’t think clearly, wanted to go home and leave the hospital as soon as possible. But, my guardian angels brought me peace of mind when I needed some clarity. Thank you nurses. Healing takes time. You can’t rush it. I learned that from the nurses who took care of me.

People who spend their days caring for others are angels walking amongst us. These generous souls are sharing the precious gift of time with someone who is in need. That act of human kindness is God in action. God is Love and caring for another is love. We were told a long time to, “Love one Another.” Caregivers understand the importance of those 3 words and bring the words to life through their acts of kindness.

Watching my Dad take care of my Mom, who had Alzheimer’s, was a difficult but spiritual experience for me. I was so blown away by how deep his love was for her. There were so many ugly, horrific scenes as she struggled with this brutal disease. Like the time he took care of her while on crutches after a recent surgery. That’s my Dad – a man’s man. He invented the word, “Badass.” He was the most amazing caregiver I have had the honor of seeing in action. Love you guys and I’m thinking about you tonight Mom and Dad.

Caring is the new Cool along with Kindness. We’ve seen too much of the other stuff. We strive to always care for one another and to be kind to our fellow brothers and sisters. There’s enough apathy out there. Be a rebel. Show others that you care by being kind to them. Show ’em the gift of caring in action.

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