By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

God bless the helpers. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. Those caring souls who are always there when you need them. The guy who doesn’t mind helping you move for a third time. The other guy, who happens to be a stranger, plowing the snow off of your driveway. This just happened to us last week and we have a long driveway. I have never met the man.

This year has been an onslaught of difficult things for all of us to see and to hear. Bob Dylan said, “seen too much” in his song, ‘Marchin’ to the City.’ I agree with that statement. I’ve seen too many things in 2020 that I don’t care to ever see again. But, I always notice the helpers who show up no matter what the latest tragedy might be. These helpers are angels walking amongst us. Their passion is helping others and they are following their passion and making such a difference in our world. It would be a much colder world without our helpful brothers and sisters who give us a hand along the way.

I heard something recently about kind being the new cool. I also agree with that statement. So many are in need and could use a helping hand. It’s important for us to reach out since we’re all connected after all. We are here to lift each other up and all of us will need help one day. It’s inevitable. If you’re alive you will undoubtedly need some help one day.

Going through bankruptcy in the 90’s made things like eating out in a restaurant impossible for me and my family. But, we had dear friends who wanted to take us to a restaurant and they also wanted to pay for our meals. They knew about our financial struggles. It was hard for my ego to accept the dinner invite at the time. Then, our friends told us to just enjoy the dinner and forget about who was picking up the tab. They were our best friends and you can see why. They were always offering to help with driving or paying or doing whatever needed to be done. How can you not love people like that?

There are also spiritual helpers who are here to help us along our way. They are as real as you and me and just on a different level. We attract the kind of energies that we put out into the universe. Everything is energy and most of it we can’t see with our human eyes. Spiritual helpers get involved with all of my Reiki sessions. I am nothing without them. I am simply a middleman or a facilitator of the energy. They do all of the heavy lifting for me.

Reiki is the highest form of unconditional love, or at least the highest form of unconditional love that I am aware of. Higher Sources are part of the eternal love and light that is Reiki. These helpful souls are a big part of the magnificence of Reiki’s healing light. Many of them probably didn’t mind helping their friends move for a third time when they were on Earth. They are just continuing on their journey of helping others.

We are able to hear our spiritual guides and helpers best when we’re silent. With a quiet mind, our vibration is higher and better able to receive their guidance and wisdom. Reiki’s higher vibration creates the perfect meeting space for the power of love to meet with us. I have seen Reiki help so many. God Bless The Helpers.

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