By Jeff Baird

She almost has her Master of Science in Nursing degree, but was called into active duty to combat COVID-19. She wears a mask and hopes that her home remedy for cleaning the mask every night will protect her. She has a beautiful smile that somehow seems to still shine through the mask during the darkest of times. She’s one of those people who just lights up a room – mask or not. Becky’s colleagues have missed her smile recently but are so grateful that she is helping them during this pandemic. She has a way of making everybody feel better, no matter what’s going on.

Ed was an honest, hard working craftsman in his younger years. His fireplaces and woodworking capabilities are legendary in his home town, where he still lives at 89 years old. His family moved him into the assisted living community last week. He went along with the move because he really wasn’t sure what all was going on. He has early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and some kind of upper respiratory issue. He went along with the mask too, but chews on it and soaks it with his saliva.

Kris loaded up on masks a long time ago. She lived her 24 hours/day in total fear before the pandemic hit. She will probably wear a mask for the rest of her life if she has her say about it. She has her views and strong opinions on what is really behind COVID-19. She also has plenty of paper products.

I have seen so many photos of people wearing masks. I’ll never get used to that image. There are so many good people who are wearing masks that this article could be an entire book on the countless profiles of people who are wearing a mask. God Bless all of them. We send Reiki to the world knowing that we are helping so many.

I have always loved the mountain air. That’s why I live where I do. Unless they tell me to, I hope I never have to wear a mask.

Look at your loved ones and look at yourself. Look past all of the masks that were already there and look into your soul. Find your True Self by listening to your inner voice. Turn off the noise, even if just for a moment. Mental focus is so important during these challenging times. A calm mind is a powerful one – mask or not.

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