By Jeff Baird

Every day we get to see the destructive power of hate. Too many are consumed with our differences on social media and other platforms rather than understanding the importance of cooperation on a global scale. I can’t help but think of that song, “Let’s Work Together.”

“Together we stand, divided we fall
Come on now people, let’s get on the ball and work together…”
(Thank You Canned Heat)

We are not here to move mankind backwards or to destroy ourselves. Life is about moving forward – no matter what. Dark forces that work against mankind’s progress will pay dearly, thanks to karma. The slick packaging and presenting of hate may be wrapped up in a silver bow, but it is still hate nonetheless, working against our progress and the Master’s Plan shared in the Ageless Wisdom.

Love One Another. These 3 words are eternal in their healing powers. Real Love is not the four lettered word that is seen in the darkest shadows of pornography, the ultimate crime against dignity and humanity. Love cannot be purchased one day out of the year either. Love is eternal and is what can save us from ourselves.

Our collective hate as a species has been well documented over the years in the greatest graphic detail. We have pushed the limits to beyond anything that could have been imagined by those who came before us. Sometimes, I feel like I’m from another world when I see what is accepted as normal behavior. Christ said, “Be in this world, not of this world.” Once again, his words are eternal in nature, and not just the slogan of the day.

Reiki is Love. It’s magnificent healing powers humble me to my core every time I tap into the eternal energy that comes from our Source, and Creator of all things. God is Love. Mankind has done his best to complicate God’s simple message of Love, and focus instead on separatism and divisiveness.

Love is about coming together as one. Nobody told us that it would be easy. Good things never come easy. When we finally realize that we are all connected, we will refuse to accept more wars and more hate. Because when we destroy our fellow brothers and sisters, we destroy ourselves in the process. Love is the answer – always has been and always will be. It is still the most powerful force on Earth.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.

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