By Jeff Baird

I just watched the news… It was a blatant reminder of the importance of sending Reiki to situations. Reiki is love and the world needs Reiki now more than ever. Sending Reiki to situations is prayer in action. Many do not realize how strong their intentions can be and why prayer works. Sending Reiki to situations is a powerful form of prayer that changed me forever.

Before my Dad died, he was in a tremendous amount of pain. He was 88 and had been a lineman and an overall stud and hard ass for many years. He was a man’s man, and I love him dearly. For a number of reasons, it made no sense for me to try and explain Reiki to my Dad. It would have been wasted energy that had no chance of ever seeing the light of day in this particular situation. So, I sent Reiki to the situation. I firmly believe the universe cuts us some slack when it comes to asking for permission in these types of circumstances. When I am discussing Reiki with someone, they have contacted me for a specific reason and given me full permission to share Reiki with them. That’s a different scenario altogether. My Dad was in so much pain. I knew Reiki could help him, but had no idea that on some level, he was actually open to receiving it.

I know for a fact that my Dad felt the Reiki because he told me one day. He said, “Hey, before I let you go, those prayers or whatever it is that you’re sending down here…Keep ‘em coming. I think it’s helping.” You have no idea what it did for me when I heard those words. At that moment, as my eyes filled with tears and I picked my chin up off of the floor, I realized that sending Reiki to situations really did work. Like I said earlier, sending Reiki to situations changed me forever.

So, what does it look like when I’m sending Reiki to a situation? When I begin to let the Reiki flow, I focus on myself first as I open up while grounding myself with Holy Fire and the Power Symbol. When I take the time to do this, I immediately feel better. It’s when I don’t do it that I suffer the consequences of not living by the Reiki Precepts. The news will do that to the best of ‘em. Today, the news reminds me to keep the positive energy flowing. Every little bit matters and there’s great strength in numbers. Our collective consciousness is a real thing. But we’ll save that topic for another time.

Reiki’s endless healing begins anew each night when I look at the stars and think about the people and animals and situations that I will be sending Reiki to. Some I know dearly and others I haven’t met. But, when it comes to our intentions and focus, the sky is the limit as the energy goes exactly where it’s directed to go. It’s so amazing and I get to hear about the results from a distance Reiki session on a regular basis. My wonder of Reiki is as high today as it was the first time that I experienced the healing energy.

After spending time with Reiki for my own personal benefits, I shift my focus to my clients, family and friends’ needs as I look at their request line – Depression. Nightmares. Spinal Issues. Dental Surgery. Migraine. Upset Stomach. Broken Hip. Flu. Broken Rib. Broken Wrist. Then, there’s the news… It’s going to be a busy night as Reiki helps me dramatically raise the vibration of each situation.

God Bless Us – One & All – The Human Race. Sending Reiki to situations is a daily thing for me these days. I work with Higher Sources and the Stars to strengthen our Reiki blasts even more. Always look to the stars! I love you guys and I’m so grateful to all of you for believing in the power of prayer and the healing love, peace and hope that it brings to all situations.


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