By Jeff Baird

Thank You to my loyal Reiki customers who have reached out to me recently. I appreciate your patience so much. My days are filled with my work for ScentAir, the most amazing company around. I am passionate about representing this world class organization, and it requires everything I have to give on a daily basis.

I have set aside some time on Saturdays to offer in-person Reiki sessions, and I am still doing Distance work a couple of evenings each week as well. I put my heart and soul into my work, whether it’s making the world a better place through scent or with Reiki sessions. I give it my all. I say that because my Reiki classes are still on hold for the time being. They are a significant investment of my time, and I just don’t have the extra time right now. Thank You for understanding.

So, once again, Thank You for reaching out to me. If you are interested in adding more to your customer experience, I can help you with that with a successful scent marketing program. If you are interested in a Reiki session, we can work from a Distance or in-person on select weekends. I am so fortunate to be able to do the work that I love. Enjoy your day.

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