By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I have been able to watch Reiki heal a married couple who survived the worst kind of abuse you can imagine as children. The man was first abused at eight months old. Yes, eight months old. His wife endured endless abuse as a young girl. Their stories are straight out of the darkest horror movie.

I call these two, “The Power Couple.” We always end our Reiki sessions with a group hug, at the request of the woman, who is so strong. It takes guts and great courage to literally face your demons and release them. Watching her release so much pain followed by so much joy is something I will never get used to seeing. Working with them has made me a better Reiki practitioner as I need to be on my toes and always prepared for the unexpected.

These Reiki sessions are so powerful and like nothing I have experienced before. God and some of his angels always show up. Reiki brings everyone together and I am simply the facilitator or the middle man. What an honor it is to represent the light as we drive out the darkness together.

As the woman is receiving Reiki on the treatment table, her husband comes over to hold her hand when she releases. It gives me goosebumps and humbles me as I watch Reiki in action. There is so much love in the air. The room is always beaming and the energy goes to an even higher level.

My clients always tell me about how much they love the energy in my home office. I’m very sensitive to energies and have given Reiki to people and animals in many different settings. But, there is something special about our home office where we do Reiki sessions and classes. There’s no place like home indeed. Higher Sources join us on a regular basis and take the healing sessions to a much higher level. They like being here and I love having them around.

If you are looking for some pain and stress relief, and would like to release any pain from the past, please consider Reiki. It heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have seen many people release past trauma while their lives transformed thanks to Reiki, “the miraculous medicine of all diseases.” Thank You Mikao Usui.

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