By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Wish I had a dollar for every time I have been lied to… Actually, I don’t wish that. It would just be a physical reminder of something I learned to release a long time ago. Reiki helps release resentments. I have firsthand experience and it works.

We move forward by releasing anything that is holding us back – things like resentments. I have worked for pathological liars and once had an employee lie to me about having Cancer. Liars? I’ve met some of the best.

Today, truth means as much to me as the day I discovered that person was Cancer free. My quest for truth will never end. I remain true to my higher self, learn what lessons need to be learned and move forward. There are no regrets because I’m staying true to my self.

What is truth? It’s a precious jewel that can be difficult to find these days. This makes truth even more prized and sought after. Seek your own truth, your real passion and the reason you are here. This is not a random situation; this is your life. Search for your calling and do your best to follow it.

Stay true to your higher self no matter what may happen. Be flexible and patient as twists and turns come along. There will always be setbacks and tests. Release anything that doesn’t feel right or is holding you back at this moment. You’ll move forward quicker.

God Bless You as you continue your journey. Be a diamond in the rough and shine!

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