By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Before Reiki entered my life, if someone would have tried to talk to me about distance healing, I would have walked away comfortable in my all knowing mindset that this person needed to get some help and counseling as soon as possible. Distance healing, huh? Oh…okay. Whatever you say, pal.

I can hear those old thoughts of mine clear as a bell as I write this. With a firmly closed mind, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know yet. Once Reiki came into the picture, everything changed for me. I blame it all on Kim in the United Kingdom.

Kim and I connected on Facebook. I was interested in sending Distance Reiki to Phoenix, a dog who had been rescued in Spain. Phoenix had been beaten with shovels and buried alive. An amazing man rescued him and gave him a life of love and compassion for the rest of his time on Earth. His time was cut way too short because of the damage done by the man animals who had tried to kill him. But, God Bless Peter and all of the kindness he showed Phoenix, and so many other rescued animals. This was when I first became interested in the world of rescued animals. I think it was 2014 or 15.

Kim told me she was recovering from breast cancer, and asked me if I could send her some Reiki too. Up until that time, I had sent Distance Reiki to many friends and family members and the feedback was always positive. I wasn’t convinced that Distance Reiki was real yet, and thought deep down that these people were just being nice with all of their positive comments afterwards.

They told me about their restful nights of sleep for the first time in years, migraine headaches disappearing and sore muscles and broken bones healing faster. I heard about warm, tingly sensations and peace of mind from a stressful day, week, month, year or life. I was excited about someone on the other side of the world asking me to do some distance work for her. I gladly sent Kim Reiki every night for 2 weeks. I felt an immediate connection with her and wanted to help as much as possible. I also wanted to prove to myself that Distance Healing was real.

I was still playing the corporate America game and traveling frequently for business. Kim and I communicated through messenger. I remember reading her amazing comments after about a week of distance treatments, while I was getting ready to board a plane in Dallas. At that moment, Distance Healing became as real as it gets for me.

About a week later, I was sitting in a meeting in our corporate office listening to our CEO talk about this, that and the other thing. But, I just kept thinking, “I helped a woman in the United Kingdom from a distance.” My “day job” suddenly took a step behind Reiki. I just couldn’t ignore the power of this gift any longer.

Thanks to Kim, my confidence grew with Distance Reiki and it became a nightly event that I looked forward to. I loved doing the work as my focus increased, as well as my willingness to step aside and let Reiki work its wonders. All of a sudden, Reiki Masters from all over the country were contacting me for Distance Reiki sessions after reading my article, “Long Distance Transformation” in ‘Reiki News Magazine.’ I was so humbled and honored to do this work for my Reiki brothers and sisters. I learned a ton about the visualizations I received and the gentle nudges for direction from “The Team,” my spiritual helpers.

Distance Healing is prayer in action. The angels who join me for these sessions do all the heavy lifting. I am simply a facilitator who tunes in and follows the guidance that I receive. It’s a really special thing to be a part of.

I love Distance Healing because it proves that we are all connected, that God is alive and well and very active, and that prayer works. Plus, I just love the feeling of knowing that I am helping relieve someone’s pain. This makes me very happy. I will be sharing Distance Reiki in a few hours, and one of the people who will be receiving Reiki tonight is Kim in the United Kingdom. Thank You Kim. I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed.

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