By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Recently, I received a symbol from Higher Sources to incorporate into my healing treatments. It’s a very powerful symbol that was quite familiar to me. I have drawn variations of this symbol for many years. Now, it’s an important part of my repertoire of healing. It has it’s own special energy that is gentle but with unlimited strength. It works very well with the other symbols that I use. They’re like my co-workers who do the heavy lifting for me.

Any student who attends my Reiki Level II class or higher, will be attuned to this special symbol, as well as the other Reiki symbols and Christ Consciousness that I use during treatments. Until I receive another symbol, I will work with these 7 as we help others heal from within.

I already work quite a bit with the #7, which is a sacred number to me. I’m very pleased that I now have 7 symbols to help me. Thanks to my Guides and The Hierarchy for sharing this new healing tool with me. The name and drawing of the symbol will only be shared during Reiki classes, as I consider this new symbol to be sacred, just like the other symbols that I have the honor of working with.

Symbols intensify the healing process as our intentions partner with their guidance and emphasis. The symbols have become a part of me. Their gentle presence and great strength take my healing sessions, both in-person and from a distance, to a much higher level. I am looking forward to working more and more with this new symbol, and discovering the endless possibilities of collaboration with all of the sacred symbols. I am so grateful for this gift that I received. It has already made a profound impact on me. I look forward to sharing it with all students who attend my Unlimited Usui Reiki classes.

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