By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Tonight, we are sharing Reiki with a number of people and their animals as a tribute to a Man of Peace. This day seems to mean more and more to me each year when it rolls around every 365 days. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of peace during a time of tremendous conflict, war, division and uncertainty. The 60’s are not as close as I remember them. Today, when I see images from those turbulent times I always marvel at how history repeats itself.

Today, I heard a clip from the 60’s that a disc jockey had made as he spoke to a young child of maybe 4 or 5 years old. The DJ asked the child if he knew the meaning of words like bigotry and hatred. Then he asked the boy if he knew the meaning of “prejudice.” The child answered, “I think it’s when you’re sick.”

Hearing this clip took me back. It took me way back when disc jockeys got creative and made radio listening so fun and new and exciting.  Just like many other kids my age, I made a cassette recording of me and my buddy doing our best to impersonate a radio station. In our 10 – year – old minds, we were professional DJ’s. We played records, told jokes and impersonated the things we were hearing on the radio. Our radio station even got shut down. We were banned for what my partner had said on the air. I won’t repeat it here. I just remember laughing for what seemed like hours on end as we replayed the tape over and over again. We were now reporters reporting the news and described the  protests that were taking place outside of the radio station. The protesters were demanding that we were put back on the air.  And, so it went. I don’t remember how many days we spent doing the recording. Part of a Summer is all I remember. I also remember laughing uncontrollably.  I wish I still had that tape.

At that age, what was happening in the real world seemed so far away from my midwestern town. But, I certainly remember Martin Luther King Jr. getting shot and Bobby Kennedy too. I was very young when JFK was killed. But, I remember my sister  telling me that our mom was crying and that’s why we were walking to the store. I was 4 years old then. I felt so sad that my mom was crying. I didn’t yet fully understand the magnitude of what had just happened.

But, a little bit later I tuned into The Beatles after that tragic event and heard about peace and love some more. Love really is all we need. When I was younger, I thought “All You Need is Love” was just another Beatles song, and really not one of my favorites. I remember seeing Mick Jagger sitting on the floor at the recording of the song. I thought that was pretty cool. All in the name of Love. The song means much more to me now.

So, tonight’s Group Distance Healing will be a powerful one. Love coming to many people and animals and bringing peace as it touches each life. It’s really amazing to me how distance healing works. It proves that we are all connected and just a thought away. Our intentions and our visions are so powerful. Enjoy this special evening. We’ll be in touch. Pray for Peace. Thank You.


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