By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Our Reiki classes have been called “life changing” by many. They are also fun, educational and inspiring as they provide nourishment for the soul. Many comments from some of our past students can be found under “More Stories” & Client Feedback.

Here are the dates for upcoming classes. If you have any questions, please call (720) 250-8107 or e-mail me at

January 19th-20th: Reiki Level I & II

March 23rd – 24th: Reiki Level I & II

Learn Reiki Level I & II at Sunrise Reiki Healing Center in Beautiful Evergreen, Colorado. We are conveniently located in the Marshdale area, just a couple miles from the roundabout with spectacular views of Doubleheader Mountain and plenty of wildlife. Sunrise Reiki is located on sacred ground and the healing energy is felt by everyone who visits this special place.

Learn self-healing techniques as well as helping others heal both in person and from a distance. You will be taught how to work with the sacred Reiki symbols during this class.

We reference William Lee Rand’s “The Healing Touch” & “The Reiki Touch.” We also reference Adele & Garry Malone’s “The Essence of Reiki.” Teachings from Torkom Saraydarian, and The Ageless Wisdom will also be shared.

You will enjoy the powerful “Meditation for Gratitude & Healing,” as well as an experience from Holy Fire. These meditations and experiences have tremendous healing benefits and add so much to the energy of the class. You will also be introduced to the power of healing stones and essential oils.

The class will be taught by Jeff Baird, who will share his own material and handouts, and “Words of Healing” as well. Snacks, drinks and lunch will be provided. Space is limited. Make your reservations today on the Services page at

February 2nd: Reiki Level I

February 16th: Reiki Level I

Learn Reiki Level I in Beautiful Evergreen, Colorado. Heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as you learn to use Reiki for self-healing, as well as helping others heal. The class will be taught by Jeff Baird and space is limited.

You will receive a copy of William Lee Rand’s “The Healing Touch.” We will also reference his book, “The Reiki Touch.”The teachings of Torkom Saraydarian will be shared too. You will be given a copy of Baird’s “Words of Healing,” as well as his own handouts.

March 9th: Reiki Level II

Learn Reiki Level II in Beautiful Evergreen, Colorado. This class will be taught by Jeff Baird, and is available to anyone who is currently a First Degree Reiki Level I practitioner.

We will reference William Lee Rand’s “The Healing Touch,” and “The Reiki Touch.” Some experiences from Usui/Holy Fire II will be incorporated into the class. Material from Adele & Garry Malone’s “The Essence of Reiki 2” will also be shared.

Jeff will provide his own handouts that have been developed specifically for this class, in addition to the teachings of Torkom Saraydarian and “The Ageless Wisdom.”

You will be introduced to Reiki’s sacred symbols and learn Distance healing, as well as advanced in-person healing techniques. Jeff’s intimate classes have been called “life changing.” The class is just $179. All reservations can be made at and are due 48 hours before the class date.

Take your healing to a higher level as you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Jeff’s Reiki Journey (so far):
January, 2012: Reiki Level I
June, 2012: Reiki Level II
June, 2014: Reiki Level II Advanced
November, 2014: Unlimited Reiki Master
August, 2018: USUI/Holy Fire II Reiki Master

January, 2019: USUI/Holy Fire III Upgrade


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