By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Reiki is accepted in all VA hospitals nationwide. I’m doing my small part by offering Reiki treatments at the Northern Colorado Veterans Resource Center (NCVRC) in Greeley, Colorado twice each month. What an honor it is to serve those who have served our country and given me the freedom to live the life I have chosen. God bless our veterans.

According to “Psychology Today,” benefits from a Reiki treatment can include the calming of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms, pain relief and assist with a quicker recovery from surgeries. But, I already know all of that, because I see it up close and personal whenever I work on people and animals with PTSD. This condition can affect anyone and is especially prevalent with veterans who have witnessed man’s viscous inhumanity to his fellow man while they served.

PTSD is a condition of emotional and behavioral disturbances that can occur after a traumatic event. I have had the opportunity to help domestic violence survivors, sexual assault victims, rescued animals as well as veterans, who all suffered from PTSD. The results from our treatments can be dramatic. Nothing makes me happier than when one of my clients is smiling ear-to-ear and they have that Reiki glow on their face. It’s something I will never grow tired of seeing.

Here’s what Harrison Swift, the Founder/CEO of NCVRC, said after his first Reiki treatment – “Dude! It’s kinda creepy. It’s like my pain is blocked. It’s gone. Weird. I guess this is what it feels like to be relaxed and pain free.” I wish I could properly describe the look on his face after the treatment. A feeling of deep relaxation had worked its way into this man’s system, and the feeling was foreign to him.

I walked by his office about an hour later while he was talking with another veteran who also received his first Reiki treatment earlier that day. They both had huge smiles on their faces. Seeing results like this gives me confidence as I am contacted by many for more and more challenging situations. I simply get out of the way and let Reiki work its wonders. These vets were learning to embrace their new feelings of peace and comfort. It was long overdue.

What a humbling thing it was when a veteran from the NCVRC reached out to me and requested my services at their new facility – the only one of its kind in the country. Northern Colorado has been buzzing about my Reiki treatments since last Spring when I started my NoCo adventure by working on Richey, a rescued horse, owned by Deborah Warehime of Eaton, Colorado. Below, in her own words, she shared her Reiki experiences with me –

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much Reiki has helped me. Recently, some friends came to see me and told me that I looked better than I ever have; and we have known each other a very long time. They were totally blown away by the fact that I wasn’t limping anymore. Yesterday, my chiropractor mentioned that my ‘knot of pain’ was about 90% gone. And, of course, Richey my horse, has improved so much in just a week. It’s been an amazing transformation. We are both very grateful for your Reiki healing.”

The good people of Northern Colorado have embraced Reiki and kept me very busy as I continue to treat them, their horses and dogs, and also their children. What began as a periodic visit has turned into visits twice each month. I also give treatments at Natural Healing and Massage Therapy, in Eaton, in addition to the NCVRC. We are getting very close to offering a full week of Reiki treatments up north each month. I will go wherever I need to go to help others rediscover their wellness. Eaton and Greeley have become my homes away from home. We share a special bond.

Lives are transforming in NoCo. I could tell you about Carla, who was losing her eyesight before Reiki entered her life. Now, her vision is actually improving, going from 20/60 to 20/30 in a matter of weeks, and her edema is gone. I saw her again yesterday, and she told me her vision is almost 20/20. Her doctor is baffled but quite pleased. Carla is telling everyone about me, and lovingly calls me “The Horse Doctor.” I first met Carla when I was working on Richey, the rescued horse mentioned earlier. Then there’s John and Linda. These two have also become dear friends of mine. John was battling prostate cancer, and Linda has severe respiratory issues. Reiki has improved both of their lives profoundly. They make a point of seeing me every time I am in Eaton.

Each time that I make the trip north, I get to see someone for their first Reiki treatment. During my last trip, I had the opportunity to work on a granddaughter of one of my dear clients. Reiki has helped this child by providing her with a new, calm focus that has helped her with her studies. She had originally watched me work on her grandma and was fascinated by the whole experience. Now, she too is benefitting from “the miraculous medicine of all diseases.”*

I was told earlier today that I will be working on two veterans who have not seen me before. It will be their first Reiki treatments. It’s always a full day in Northern Colorado. But, when I head back home, I have a big smile on my face as I realize how fortunate I am to do this healing work that is helping so many.

*Mikao Usui, Founder of Reiki

CBD/Essential Oils/Healing Stones
We are now incorporating CBD, essential oils and healing stones into all of our Reiki treatments. If you are in any kind of pain, please give me a call at (720) 250-8107. We have helped so many and would love the opportunity to help you too. Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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