By Lori Cuno

“I believe the universe led Jeff to me, through a news article that he read regarding PeaceWorks the Mountain Peace Shelter (organization and services for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors) and my new role as executive director. Jeff felt a calling to reach out and provide a service that would promote healing and wellness to clients of the Mountain Peace Shelter (MPS) and those of us that work in the field. Jeff spent a significant time explaining Reiki to me and offered me a session. After my first session I was hooked. I felt more relaxed and balanced. My inner beliefs made sense to me. Most of my childhood and adult life I would find myself “praying” at the oddest times to bring love and peace to people I had never met. After that first session I knew there was a universal life force, Reiki, and it had found me.

I shared with clients of MPS that a Reiki Master had offered to provide free Reiki to those that were interested. Several have taken advantage of Sunrise Reiki’s service, not to mention the delicious Reiki Soup that was provided and enjoyed by the MPS group. Reiki did not take away the pain. However, it did calm the mind and open the heart and awaken strength and courage in those survivors that received Reiki.

After my German Shephard and I received several Reiki treatments, including distance Reiki, Jeff invited me to attend his Reiki I & II training. I remember him telling me there is no reason you can’t give yourself Reiki. The training was enriching and engaged my whole being. A little over a year after receiving my first Reiki treatment, I then found myself in Jeff’s master training. With Jeff’s Reiki trainings, you gain new family. After my attunement, a new healing path had been formed. Reiki had become a way of life and I had become a channel to allow the universal energy to pass through, to be received by another.

Although Reiki does no harm, it wasn’t until I completed the Master training that I shared with others outside of my close circle the benefits of Reiki. In my experience, the results are astounding.
A few examples:
“I wish I had it sooner, less pain than I have had in a long time. It’s been over 14 years since I slept through the night, thank you.” (Client with fibromyalgia).

“Whatever it is, keep it coming.” (Distance Reiki comments from a client going through chemotherapy).

“First time my glucose levels have been lowered.” (pregnancy gestational diabetes).

“Reiki helped me let go of resentments that were so deeply embedded they were a heavy part of me. Reiki just makes me feel better, lighter and more energetic.” (Recovering individual).

Recently, my beloved German Shephard suffered from a twisted stomach or Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV). She woke me up in the middle of the night. Immediately, I loaded her in the car and drove her down the hill to the E.R. Ten minutes later with a diagnosis, I was informed that it was a miracle she was still alive. Not a miracle, Reiki. After surgery and 16 hours later with a 14″ scar, my 4-legged partner came home without the dreaded cone of shame and the energy of a 4-year old.

I have not had an experience in channeling Reiki to a being or situation that has not had a positive change. I am blessed to be part of a healing community. I thank Jeff and Sunrise Reiki Colorado for opening the door for me. We are all Reiki and Reiki is available to everyone.”

Lori Cuno,
Executive Director
PeaceWorks, Inc. Mountain Peace Shelter

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