By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

With Reiki, gray areas disappear as things become very black and white with a razor sharp clarity. Our ability to make the right decisions improves as our focus improves dramatically. Reiki heals mentally, as well as physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we make the right choices, the ripple effects can be substantial.

Thanks to Reiki, our stress levels drop as we go through each day with a quiet confidence and an internal understanding of what we need to do. We no longer simply go through the motions or make decisions that are not consistent with our higher self. As a result, our decisions are better, and others look to us for guidance. Respect is earned when good decisions are made on a regular basis.

Take it from one who used to struggle with decision-making prior to Reiki entering my life. It can be exhausting when we overthink every decision that needs to be made. When we are stressed out, overworked, exhausted, worried or angry, we make hasty decisions that later come back to haunt us. In the business world, poor decisions can cost an organization millions of dollars. It happens every day.

However, when we accept and integrate the Reiki precepts into our lives, our decision making improves along with a better quality of life. “Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger.” Just imagine the possibilities of an organization that welcomed Reiki into their day-to-day activities. Is your organization interested in reducing stress with a corporate wellness program that will help your entire team make better decisions? If so, you are in the right place as you read this article.

Successful businesses and industry leaders have track records filled with solid decision-making. The decisions that were made helped move the organization ahead with well thought out plans that were executed efficiently, and in line with the company’s mission statement. Good hiring decisions were made as new members of the team were brought on board. As these organizations grew and continually achieved success, it became a habit for them. They expected to win.

With each decision that is made with the entire organization’s best interests in mind, a confident attitude becomes the norm that runs throughout the business. An outsider picks up on this vibe that is woven into the fabric of the company. There is a consistency in this attitude that is represented everywhere you look. The same message is heard when you speak with the receptionist as well as with the CEO. This confident attitude and mindset is contagious as more and more people buy in to the core values of the organization – including customers. With everyone working together and moving in the right direction, the sky is the limit.

Conversely, poor decisions can lead a company down the wrong path as team members lose confidence in their leaders and begin to question their longevity with the organization. The top performers start to wonder about their reputations and whether it is working against them to remain with such a group. They start looking for work elsewhere and plan their escape. One poor decision can lead to high turnover. I have seen this many times when a poor decision was made by upper management to change a compensation plan, for example. Again, the ripple effects can be far reaching.

A good decision could be as simple as taking time for a vacation to rest and recharge. Another good decision could be not lashing out at a co-worker, and instead focusing on how to solve a problem together. An environment that was developed with solid decision-making is healthier for everyone involved. Efficiency improves when good decisions are made.

I have seen mass exoduses from companies that had lost their way. It happens all too often. Poor decision-making can lead to an atmosphere of always trying to make up ground, rather than one focused on accomplishing the next goal. Poor decisions are usually made when we are tired, stressed, anxious, afraid, unfocused and uncertain about whether or not we are making the right decision. Invite Reiki into your organization and watch your team members thrive in an environment where collaborative decision-making is the norm, rather than the exception.

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