By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

Recently, I was contacted by a man who said that he wanted to book an in-person Reiki session for his wife’s depression. During our conversation, I could sense that there was much more to the story. These two beautiful souls drove a long way to come see me. They were mesmerized by the beauty of Evergreen, Colorado. They also immediately picked up on the loving energy in my office, and I could hear a collective sigh from both of them as they took it all in. They couldn’t help but notice the big and bold “Hope” that is on the facing wall when you enter my office.

The Hope sign is directly above Archangels Michael and Rafael. This is a special place of healing and safety for all who enter. They picked up on the soothing energy and let their guards down as they shared their heartfelt story with me. I felt an immediate bond with them and was ready to help them heal together, as they had experienced “one thing after another.” There had been a miscarriage, parent’s unexpected deaths, migraines, worry and what seemed to be never ending stress. Early on, we discussed the two Reiki precepts that changed my life. 1. Just for today, do not worry. 2. Just for today, do not anger. Thank You Mikao Usui, the Founder of Reiki.

I could feel the woman’s immediate relief already as she got on the treatment table for the Reiki session. Starting at her head, we got rid of her migraine in a matter of minutes. We also spent a lot of time on grounding, and on her knees to help her move forward as they planned for their new family. I asked her to remember a time when she felt her absolute best, her strongest and unstoppable before all of this other stuff had happened to her and her loving husband. Together, we focused on bringing that feeling to the surface where it rightfully belonged. She had forgotten how great it felt to be relaxed, but we reminded her on this special night.

The text messages and e-mails that I received from them the next day brought tears to my eyes. She was healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She finally had a good night’s sleep and felt the best she had in months. The husband had watched the entire treatment, and the two of them literally looked like different people after the session. They were both smiling and laughing and so full of joy. It was amazing to witness the before and after. I know firsthand how powerful it can be when a loved one heals. We heal right along with them. That was certainly the case with this married couple.

The treatment took place on Thursday night. The husband came back alone for a treatment on Saturday. Again, the results were amazing. He said that he had felt like he was carrying small bags of weights on his head before the treatment. Then, after the treatment, he said it was like I was removing each bag of weight one at a time. He said there were four of these bags. But, they were gone now. He told me how he felt so much lighter after releasing so much. “I could feel warmth coming out of the bottoms of my feet,” he said.

During both treatments, I started with a full clearing where we blew out all of the low lying energies to make room for Reiki. Then, I used what I call the scooping technique where I removed the major pain issues – converting them to golden dust and sending them on their way. I spent a lot of time on their emotions, grounding, knees and their heart chakra. We reinvigorated the love that was deep inside of them.

During the second half of the session, I placed appropriate stones and crystals on their back. I also had them hold a stone in each hand. Some of the stones included: Orthoceras, Rose Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Labradorite, Hematite and my trusty Anchi Crystals. Then, I did a healing attunement. This was followed by my “Reiki Comforter.”

This Saturday, the husband will be coming back to take a Reiki class. Unfortunately, his wife can’t come this weekend. He wants to be able to share Reiki with his entire family. I love this guy even though I have known him for less than a week! Reiki for families is a beautiful thing, and could come in very handy around the holidays. Add Reiki to your shopping list. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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