On the evening of Wednesday, October 24th, you can experience Reiki in the comfort of your own home for Free. Just make yourself comfortable, relax and enjoy. Reiki heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and can do no harm.

If you are interested in this Free Reiki Distance Session, please send me an e-mail at jeff@sunrisereikicolorado.com. As a Reiki practitioner, I simply channel the energy. However, my intentions and creative healing approaches have helped many as I partner with the universal life force.

If you would like to share any pain issues with me, please feel free. If not, that’s okay too. On this special night, you can invite “the miraculous medicine of all diseases*” into your home. You have nothing to lose but the pain. Thank You.

*This quote is from Mikao Usui, the Founder of Reiki

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