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This is the first text I received today from a client who has become a very good friend: “I don’t know if you talked to Ellen this morning, but she is one happy and pain free woman. Complete turnaround from yesterday. The magic of Reiki.” I read this and was immediately in a good mood. What a great way to start the day!

My customers and I have a special bond. They love to share their experiences with me as much as they love sharing their Reiki stories with friends and family. Deb, who sent me this text, lives in Northern Colorado. We have been able to help her as well as her horse with Reiki treatments that are transforming their lives. Ellen and Deb are close friends, and Ellen has had intense hip and groin pain. She is the ultimate cowgirl and rides her horses as often as she can. The pain was cramping her style and she was not going to have any of it! The text mentioned above was the result of one Distance Reiki treatment the night before. The magic of Reiki indeed.

Sunrise Reiki Colorado Mobile Services
Word is spreading fast in Northern Colorado about the positive results generated from Reiki. What was once a single stop for me has expanded into three stops during my NoCo visits twice a month. When this issue of “Colorado Serenity Magazine” hits the streets, I will be spending two days in a row working on people, horses, dogs and cats in Eaton, Greeley and Platteville. I am originally from the Midwest, and I still love being in farm country. These are good, hard working, salt of the earth people who get the very most out of their days. They simply don’t have time for pain. There is too much work to be done. They believe in taking care of themselves, their family and friends and their animals. If you are interested in inviting Reiki to your next gathering, please e-mail me and we will develop a customized program that will work for you.

An Evening of Healing
I can’t believe it’s August already. This summer has been a whirlwind of activity. We started this month on the 1st with an encore presentation of “An Evening of Healing” at Full Moon Books & Event Center. These events are powerful, and our audience continues to grow in size. This format includes a video presentation and a talk about my journey so far. I discuss why I walked away from five jobs in roughly three years to do Reiki full time. This discussion is followed by Reiki treatments for some attendees, and then a “Meditation for Healing & Gratitude.” Thank you everyone who has come out to see me, and please watch the Events page for upcoming appearances at Here is some other news that we are excited to share with you.

Reiki Treatments & Consultations at Buchanan Recreation Center
I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Evergreen Parks & Recreation District by now offering Reiki treatments and consultations at Buchanan Rec Center. We will also have Reiki samplings in a massage chair periodically in the lobby. If you’re curious, and you have any pain issues, come see me. Soon, we will have a regular schedule set up, and I hope to share that information in an upcoming issue of “Serenity.” But, in the meantime, we are providing full treatments and consultations in Buchanan’s beautiful massage room. Add a little Reiki after your next workout and watch your stress and pain melt away. If you have not had a Reiki treatment before, please read my blog, “Is this your first Reiki treatment?”

Holy Fire Reiki
I am attending a Holy Fire class in Sedona this month. I have heard so much about this method of healing, and finally decided that it was time to take a class. Beginning this Fall, I will be sharing what I have learned in a series of new Holy Fire Reiki classes.

Denver Pet Expo
This popular event is attended by thousands of people as well their pets each year. We will be exhibiting on Saturday, August 18th from 10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, August 19th from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Come by our booth at the National Western Complex and bring your pet. We will be offering mini-Reiki treatments during the entire event.

Sunrise Reiki Colorado Video Series
Healing is a team effort. This is one of my favorite expressions and a guiding principle in my Reiki practice. At sunrise on Wednesday, August 22, local time 6:20 a.m., I am releasing the 2-minute video “Healing Is a Team Effort” on my website. It is the signature video in a 10-part series that helps to put Reiki and my practice in visual context. Check it out.

We just had some quality t-shirts made with the Sunrise Reiki Colorado logo prominently displayed on the front. These shirts were made by the same company that made my son’s Baird Survival Bags (BSB) t-shirts. You may have seen Alan Baird on the news during the holidays last year. We will be doing it all again this year with more bags and more volunteers. A portion of the proceeds from all of my t-shirt sales will go to support BSB. For more information on BSB, please visit Baird Survival Bags on Facebook.

Hope to see you sometime this month. Enjoy the rest of your Summer and Be Well.
“Just for today, do not worry and do not anger.” Mikao Usui, Founder of Reiki.

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