By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

There is great strength in numbers. When like minded people come together as one, the impossible becomes possible as a group works in harmony, and accomplishes things that were just a notion at one time. “What if?” evolves into “Why not?” and then, “Let’s do this!” Just imagine the possibilities if all of us decided to work together as one.

In a world that seems hell bent on division, and focusing on differences, rather than similarities, Reiki continues to expand with the belief that we are all connected. Distance healings prove that we are all connected, and demonstrates the limitless power of our intentions. Timing is everything, and it is no coincidence that Reiki is one of the fastest growing healing modalities in the world today. The world needs Reiki – now more than ever.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that reduces stress and promotes healing. Do you think there is much stress in the world today? Many thrive on stress, and will pay dearly with health issues that will manifest from habits and behaviors that promote the expansion of stress, rather than its reduction. We have passed this stress onto our children, and the staggering number of suicides is a glaring example of what the outcome can be.

As Reiki practitioners, we understand the responsibility that comes with sharing this amazing gift with others. The time to make a difference is Now. We watch the ripple effects from a single healing as lives are changed, and the impact is felt by so many others. I see this in action every time I receive a referral, and I have received many.

It’s pretty hard to ignore the countless healings that happen because of Reiki. But, closed minded people take great pride in dismissing anything that does not fit with their belief system. While they embrace their separatism, Reiki practitioners simply “Reiki on,” as we help heal the world one soul at a time. Call us what you wish, but we prefer to be known as Reiki Rebels.

We’re rebelling against the countless divisions carved out by world leaders who lack the wisdom and understanding of the bigger picture. “United we stand. Divided we fall. Come on now people, let’s get on the ball. And work together.” (Thank You Canned Heat.) We believe in cooperation rather than competition amongst ourselves, as we grow together. We rebel against hatred by offering the highest level of love that we share with our brothers and sisters regardless of their skin color, background, political or religious beliefs.

As we tap into God’s energy, we have no interest in debating the notion that one person’s God is different than ours, or that one religion has an edge over everyone else because a particular group sees it that way. We all come from the same source. The human race shares one loving God who loves me just as much as He loves you. The Great Ones have tried to teach us the importance of love. Jesus told us to love one another. Reiki Rebels take this to heart as we witness the healing power of love with every Reiki treatment that we participate in. We make great things happen by getting out of the way so that Reiki can do what it does. We are nothing more than facilitators as we channel the energy. Our ego steps aside so that the healings can take place.

Reiki Rebels are a diverse group of people who believe in the infinite possibilities of healing a world that needs it so badly. We’re optimists and glass half full kind of people. We don’t waste our time or energy with things that no longer serve us well or will hinder our progress. We witness miracles on a daily basis, and want to share the good news with others so that our collective consciousness is one that expands with hope for the future. We believe in freedom, love, unity, harmony, cooperation, forgiveness, beauty, goodness, truth and sacrificial service. If those beliefs make us rebels, so be it.

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