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“Good morning Jeff. I enjoyed a wonderfully calm morning before going to work. Things are smooth and I feel on top of everything. Shoulders are loose!!!”

-Theresa Carroll, Greenwich, CT

“I haven’t had a meltdown or cried myself to sleep once this past week. It was happening about every other day, if not every night before Reiki.”

-Kelly Parsell-Williams, Littleton, CO

“Reiki took my back pain away and the Distance sessions are very impactful for sleep. I sleep better, much deeper, and I’m not hurting anymore. I don’t know how to say this, but I feel like it’s changed my body. It’s all so silly to me with the stones and crystals and singing bowls, but it is definitely working for me. I have tried many other things for relief, but nothing has worked like this has.”

-Kendra Bowman, Evergreen, CO

“I met Jeff on a Reiki forum and asked for healing for a medical condition. Jeff sent me distance Reiki on a regular basis and I was overwhelmed by the difference it made. Literally minutes after he started sending healing energy I could feel my pain easing and the burning pain I was experiencing melt away. When he sent it to help me sleep, I would get sleep that night. I am so pleased I connected with Jeff and can’t recommend him highly enough. Peace.”

-Kim Green, United Kingdom


“When I first heard about Reiki I was pretty skeptical. But, knowing the person that Jeff is, I thought what the heck it’s worth a try. I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain due to a car accident when I was younger so I told Jeff about the pain. He sent me some distance Reiki. It still baffles me how this works. But, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had in months! Thank you Jeff and Reiki for making a true believer out of me.”

-Pacia S., Charlotte, NC

“Jeff was extremely professional and talked with each of us regarding what was going on with our energy and areas of distress. He took the time to listen, gave us each some helpful hints to alleviate painful areas and then proceeded to give us treatments that were beneficial and stress relieving. Thank you Jeff, from the very appreciative Senior’s Resource Center!”

-Janice Pusateri, Senior’s Resource Center Evergreen, Colorado

“Jeff is what made me believe in Reiki, his calm and professional demeanor immediately makes you feel comfortable. His ability to relieve pain is astonishing. When I am in pain or have something emotional going on in my life, my first thought is to call Jeff for his help. I can physically feel it when he sends Reiki long distance to me, which has made me a forever believer. My confidence in him gave me the motivation to attend his class for an attunement and become certified myself. I always feel better all the way around after leaving a session with him.”

-Sarah Bruce, Lakewood, Colorado

“I don’t know how Jeff does it, but that’s not important to me. All I know is that last night I slept all the way through the night – first time in almost 9 months! I had been restless and my mind was working overtime. I felt the Reiki in my heart and slept like a baby. Reiki works! Thank you Jeff!”

-Alan Rydlund, Castle Rock, Colorado

“It’s difficult for me to express or understand how Reiki works, except that it does. My experience with Reiki from Jeff was relief of stress in my neck and shoulders, my hip and even clarity of my thoughts when I felt anxiety and out of control. I asked for help from him when in pain or troubled. Then, I would receive a magical warmth, relief from my pain and a comforting calmness and peace. Amazing.”

-Vicki Harper, Lakewood, Colorado

“I am legally blind due to a degenerative eye disease which causes a person to lose all peripheral vision. The condition is called Retinitis Pigmentosa. I had gotten used to just seeing only what was directly in front of me. After receiving Reiki from Jeff – from a distance, my peripheral vision returned and my eyesight actually improved. My optometrist had never seen anything like this before. I even passed my vision test at the DMV! My night vision has improved dramatically and I can now see a lot more in the dark. Reiki brought me peace of mind. Thank you Jeff and Reiki. I am glad God led you in the direction He did. I am forever grateful!”

-Pam M., Denver, CO

“In the twenty years that I’ve been assisting people on their spiritual paths and with their own personal work, I cannot recall a more enthusiastic student than Jeff Baird. His dedication to his healing practice, clients and spiritual work itself, is unparalleled.  Jeff continually strives for spiritual values such as love, unity, freedom and beauty just to name a few.  Jeff consciously applies higher values daily, within his personal and professional relationships. It has been my pleasure to work closely with Jeff Baird, and have the opportunity to observe his unfoldment as a powerful energy practitioner.”

-Brooke Heinrich, Master Shaman, Evergreen, Colorado

“I couldn’t get in with Jeff for a session, so he suggested distance Reiki. I said sure, let’s try it. He asked when I would like to receive it, and I said anytime would work for me. One night I was reading my book (totally into it) and all of a sudden I felt a buzzing…tingling sensation of energy run up and down my hands and wrist. It felt…so warm and soothing. I put my book down and just smiled. I let the energy run through me. I was done reading for the night and felt so relaxed. I thought Jeff must have been sending me Reiki. I almost cried. The thought of someone else taking the time and energy to sit and think of me! Wow!! A couple of days later I asked Jeff if he had sent me Reiki – when and at what time. He told me yes and the time that he sent it. He had sent Reiki at the exact time that I felt it. He was right on. As a massage therapist I can always use extra energy. I now receive long distance Reiki in between sessions.” 

-Tracy Vermillion C.M.T. Bright Starr Therapeutic Massage @ Braun Chiropractic, Aspen Park, CO

“I recently had a skiing accident, resulting in two broken ribs and a broken ankle. The ribs were extremely painful. Jeff sent me long distance Reiki three nights in a row. I woke up pain-free and able to take deep breaths with no pain! It was amazing. I’m forever grateful and a true believer in the power of Reiki!!!”

-Sue Galgocy, Lakewood, Colorado

“Reiki is amazing. Thank you Jeff. No pain.”

Heidi J., Evergreen, Colorado

“Dude! That Reiki is some powerful stuff! It helped my migraine go away and then cleared my sinuses and my ears, and even brought my voice back so I can sing again! I felt complete contentment as the warmth of Reiki worked its wonders. Thank you. Sincerely and wholeheartedly, thank you. I am looking forward to an actual in-person treatment!”

C.L. Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Jeff had been sending distance Reiki to my 22-year old horse Chex who led a very active life when he was younger. His lameness was in his left hind hock where he has a bone cyst. I have tried many things to try to help Chex mend, but Reiki has helped him the most. It was obvious Jeff and Chex had a bond from the distance treatments when they first met each other in person. Chex gave Jeff a lick as soon as he saw him and then let Jeff give him a full Reiki treatment. He gently moved his body closer to Jeff, as he helped guide him where to place his hands. We are planning on regular treatments to help Chex feel his best because there has been a significant shift since he started receiving Reiki.”

Mardi R., Conifer, Colorado

“After just one distance Reiki treatment from Jeff I feel so incredibly powerful. It was pretty dramatic. My state of mind as well as the state of my heart cleared up and I feel so much better. Plus, my sinuses cleared up immediately! I think I may want to attend a Reiki class too.”

Cindy P., Evergreen, Colorado

“I met Jeff during his Open House in September.  At that point I was a level 1, and was thoughtfully searching for the Reiki Master that I wanted take a level 2 class with.  After visiting with Jeff I knew he was who I wanted to learn from.  He is deeply compassionate, embodies the Reiki precepts and is passionate about sharing this amazing gift. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about Reiki to  contact Jeff.”

Kelly W., Evergreen, Colorado

“In love and light, Reiki pushed the pain away. My past did not change, my future did. For the first time ever, I learned I could keep that love and light with me everyday. I am forever grateful to Jeff and his ability to help me find my own peace.”


“Jeff, you have had tremendous success with me. Isn’t that amazing to be reaching me from so far away (just a thought away). I was in a bad way before you sent healing powers to my knees…I haven’t experienced any pain since you started and I am up and down these 3 and 4 flights of stairs all day long chasing a 3-year-old with a 3 month old in my arms. I am so grateful. I love the visualization of Saturn rings; this gives me something to continue to imagine and keep the healing light right there – always. Thank you so much! Sending love back to you!”

Pam Knock, Orlando, FL

“I have been involved in energy work, alternative healing methods and other disciplines for over 30 years, and myself am attuned to Reiki.  After just one distance session with Jeff, I was able to sleep through the night and my stress level has dropped greatly. Over the years, I have met many people in the alternative circles and Jeff is as genuine and talented as you can get.  His ability to listen, compassion and genuine desire to help is evident as soon as you meet him.  I cannot recommend Jeff’s work enough and it is so needed during these times.”

Susan F., Bailey, Colorado

“If you are thinking of getting Reiki certified or Master certified, I highly recommend Jeff Baird! His classes are not only informative but fun as well.  He is able to cover a lot of content in a short period of time. His attunements are also very powerful.  I could feel the energy minutes after having them done. I was so inspired after taking his classes. He is the real deal. His knowledge and experience with Reiki is truly a gift!”

Sheila S., Evergreen, Colorado

“Many thanks Jeff. I feel rested for the first time in ages. And, I can’t believe my back pain is gone after months of aching.”

H.J., Evergreen, CO

“I was having vision problems and went to an ophthalmologist, who told me I had a percolated hole in my retina. His only recommendation was laser surgery to tack down the edges of the hole to prevent the retina from detaching. He said there was nothing else I could do, so I knew if I was going to avoid surgery, I needed to look outside Western medicine.

I wanted to try Reiki, and a friend recommended Jeff. Prior to my next eye appointment, I received Reiki treatments from a distance, as well as in person. When I saw the ophthalmologist three months after the initial appointment, he said he couldn’t see a hole!That was an exciting moment.

I then decided to work with Jeff on another problem, a gnawing pain in my stomach that occurred 2-3 times a week with varying intensity, and the symptoms were not like anything I read about. I went to my primary MD and a gastroenterologist, and they both recommended an endoscopy. In an effort to avoid that unpleasant intervention, over a three-year period I tried all kinds of diet modifications, supplements, and more without success. Now that pain has gradually subsided to the point where it is almost gone. Jeff gave me a healing attunement, and I’m learning to do Reiki on myself. A few times I’ve felt the stomach thing coming on, did some Reiki, and instead of escalating, it went away. Empowering!

There have been some unexpected side effects from Reiki. I had taken medication for high blood pressure for the past 12 years. I’ve stopped taking medication because my systolic blood pressures have been 102-122! I continue taking my blood pressure every day because I still can’t really believe it. Another side effect from Reiki is help with insomnia. I never had problems with sleep until the last year, when 2-3 times a week I would wake up at 2-3 AM and not be able to get back to sleep. That too gradually went away, and I’m back to sleeping through the night. How great for an intervention to actually have the good kind of side effects. I’ll always be grateful to Jeff for helping me over my hurdles when nothing else worked! I predict Reiki will always be a part of my life.”

Victoria B., Bailey, Colorado

“Jeff’s Reiki class was a life changing experience that is positive for all surrounded by my love including myself.”

Lori C. Bailey, Colorado

“The space was very welcoming and I was greeted with a big hug from Jeff as I entered. It immediately felt like home…and as we sat listening to Jeff’s experiences of being healed and healing others with Reiki, I knew I was in the right space. Being taught how to be a healing channel was the most impactful part of the class for me. Living in a more peaceful, happy and more in tune way are now my goals…and of course helping heal the world one person at a time.”

Ashley Cain, Longmont, CO

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much Reiki has helped me. Recently, some friends came to see me and told me that I looked better than I ever have; and we have known each other a very long time. They were totally blown away by the fact that I wasn’t limping anymore. Yesterday, my chiropractor mentioned that my ‘knot of pain’ was about 90% gone. I then told him about our Distance Reiki treatments. And, of course, Richey my horse, has improved so much in just a week. It’s been an amazing transformation. We are both very grateful for your Reiki healing.”

Deborah Warehime, Eaton, Colorado

“I had a heart attack and needed follow-up surgery. Reiki was an invaluable tool to help in the healing process. Jeff did remote sessions the night of the heart attack and follow-up sessions over the following weeks. I was amazed at how quickly I regained my strength and energy. Jeff also used Reiki to help my wife and me release the stress and drama of the event – which is also a critical component of the healing process.”