• Kim B.

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“I contacted Jeff after reading an article that he had written about Reiki. I was very familiar with Reiki for I had experience with it many years ago and loved it. My initial reaction was excitement that someone was practicing this in my small town. I thought why not? I deserve something for myself.

 I’m a mother of a two year old, wife, nurse and quite honestly sometimes just exhausted. With a history of anxiety and panic attacks I was starting to feel overwhelmed. So I decided that I would reach out to make an appointment. We met for a treatment shortly after and I’m so happy I did. After one treatment I felt a difference. Jeff was a professional, personable and compassionate. He followed up that evening and was extremely sensitive to what I needed.

We scheduled distance Reiki after that. It was perfect with my busy schedule and was working. I was less anxious and the tightness in body had softened. Finally I could relax.

Yet I mentioned my two year old. He had been sick all winter with croup, ear infections, strep, colds and as soon as he started getting better .. sick again! After listening to him cough for endless hours during the night I woke up the next morning and contacted Jeff. He responded almost immediately and sent distance Reiki that day. I couldn’t believe how well my son responded. It was amazing how the coughing changed and how quickly he improved!

I can’t say enough about how much I trust Jeff. Not only for myself but with my beautiful child that I love more than words can describe. We are thankful to have met Jeff and for his passion to share this with others.”