By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Back when I started on this wild spiritual journey around May of 2015, I envisioned a time in the future that has evolved into today. But, roughly six years ago, I was learning so many new things about healing from a Master Shaman. She could see my future in healing as well. She taught me to believe in that vision and to continue to do the work and serve God. What could be more important than that?

Brooke, the Master Shaman mentioned earlier, is many things, including a coach. She coached me at a time when I really needed to believe in the power of healing. I kept having all of these new thoughts during this time while I was on a leave of absence from my six figure job mainly just to take a breath. I knew that I needed to work with Reiki on a deeper level and help my wife heal and see what else happened.

It was the first time that I had taken such a big step into my passion and really committed to doing the work. Spiritual work is not for the timid. I could tell you stories, and I always do my best to share my experiences about Reiki with you. But, I am convinced that had it not been for my coach, I wouldn’t have experienced all of the amazing things in my life thanks to Reiki. She saw things that I couldn’t see and taught me to believe in those visions and to follow the path of wellness – no matter what.

Those 90 days changed our lives forever. When I returned to the best paying job I had ever had, I realized I just couldn’t do it anymore. My heart wasn’t in it. My heart was in the healing realm. That’s where I wanted to be, not in corporate America making a bunch of money for some other guys. My coach helped me make healing a reality that became the most important thing in my life. Good coaches can do that. They spark a whole new way of looking at things that comes from within us. It’s the ultimate team effort.

When I used to do in-person Reiki sessions out of our home, people would tell me how they began to finally relax when they drove to our place. At the time, I was also coaching and just didn’t realize it. I have heard from other Reiki practitioners that the goal is to get the client on the table as soon as possible and skip over all of the conversation. I was even told to take the chairs out of my office! Their intention is focused on allowing Reiki to do what Reiki does best as soon as possible. I get it, but I don’t agree with it. The importance of that time before and after the session on the table should never be ignored. It’s quality time.

People would open up to me in ways that were coming directly from their heart. The time I spent listening to them and understanding what they were dealing with made for a better Reiki session. Reiki is always going to do what Reiki does, but I believe that the coaching session added more to the experience for so many who came to see me. I know my clients would agree with that comment.

Today, coaches are needed more than ever in a world that is hurting so much. People are in pain and reevaluating their lives. Pain can bring growth. It’s not an easy road, but anything worthwhile will always be challenging. My Dad used to always say, “If it was easy anybody could do it.” It’s so true.

Thank God for the people who have chosen to be coaches, and to help heal the world – one coaching session at a time. We need them now more than ever. My coach changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

I have seen recent interviews of coaches thanks to the amazing Health Coach Institute. I saw Allan Dignard speak a couple of weeks ago. He is a First Responder who coaches First Responders. He stated the obvious as he shared intense stories of what First Responders have had to deal with since the pandemic. These people need support and help. Yes, they are superhuman. We all know that. But, even a superhuman can benefit by having a coach. That special person who can help you live your best life. God bless the coaches.

If you’re still not convinced of how powerful a coach can be, just take a look at professional sports teams, or college, high school, any level of sports for that matter. Coaches build great teams by working closely with the individual players and bringing out their best attributes. I know many who spend lots of time arguing about the best teams and the worst teams over the years. But, there is no arguing that the best teams were led by very good coaches. May you find your life purpose and live it to the fullest!

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