By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Hope you are enjoying your summer. You can learn Reiki surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, meadows, wildlife and rescued animals on sacred ground with an intense healing energy in Evergreen, Colorado. Discover the wonder of Reiki as you tap into the universal life force energy for self-healing as well as healing others both in-person and from a distance.

Reservations can be made on the Services page of, and are due 72 hours before the class date. These powerful healing workshops will happen both inside and outside. Please dress comfortably and plan accordingly for Colorado’s unexpected weather.

All classes are taught by Jeff Baird and will be held at Many of his students have described their learning experiences with Jeff as “life changing.”

Jeff’s Reiki journey (so far):
January, 2012: Reiki Level I
June, 2012: Reiki Level II
June, 2014: Reiki Level II Advanced
November, 2014: Unlimited Reiki Master
August, 2018: USUI/Holy Fire II Reiki Master
January, 2019: Holy Fire III Upgrade

Upcoming Classes:

Reiki Level I and Animal Reiki:
August 10.

Reiki Level I & II and Advanced Healing Techniques:
July 12-13.
August 3-4.
August 24-25.

Reiki Master Teacher Class:
August 17-18.
September 13-14


“The space was very welcoming and I was greeted with a big hug from Jeff as I entered. It immediately felt like home…and as we sat listening to Jeff’s experiences of being healed and healing others with Reiki, I knew I was in the right space. Being taught how to be a healing channel was the most impactful part of the class for me. Living in a more peaceful, happy and more in tune way are now my goals…and of course helping heal the world one person at a time.”

-Ashley Cain, Longmont, CO

“My interaction with Jeff was just by chance and I had never imagined that a one-off meeting would soon turn into a life-changing experience.

Ever since the day I first met Jeff, he has been so understanding, patient and calm, that I felt as comfortable with him, as I would with a family member. After my Reiki session with him, I could instantly experience the tranquility around my mind that I have been searching for ages. I was so much impressed that I enrolled for the Reiki 1 & 2 class, with him as my master.

After the class, I have been able to provide Reiki to myself and others around me and that has helped me grow mentally, spiritually and emtionally stronger. It has also strengthened my inner self and I am very hopeful that this is just the beginning of something very exciting and fascinating, that will guide me for the rest of my life.

I feel really grateful to Jeff and thank him for all his efforts for me. He has been a great healer, mentor, teacher and most importantly a noble soul and a great human being.”

Thanks & Regards,
Mansij, Aurora, CO

“In the twenty years that I’ve been assisting people on their spiritual paths and with their own personal work, I cannot recall a more enthusiastic student than Jeff Baird. His dedication to his healing practice, clients and spiritual work itself, is unparalleled. Jeff continually strives for spiritual values such as love, unity, freedom and beauty just to name a few. Jeff consciously applies higher values daily, within his personal and professional relationships. It has been my pleasure to work closely with Jeff Baird, and have the opportunity to observe his unfoldment as a powerful energy practitioner.”

-Brooke Forest, Master Shaman, Evergreen, Colorado

“I met Jeff during his Open House in September. At that point I was a level 1, and was thoughtfully searching for the Reiki Master that I wanted take a level 2 class with. After visiting with Jeff I knew he was who I wanted to learn from. He is deeply compassionate, embodies the Reiki precepts and is passionate about sharing this amazing gift. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about Reiki to contact Jeff.”

-Kelly W., Evergreen, Colorado

“If you are thinking of getting Reiki certified or Master certified, I highly recommend Jeff Baird! His classes are not only informative but fun as well. He is able to cover a lot of content in a short period of time. His attunements are also very powerful. I could feel the energy minutes after having them done. I was so inspired after taking his classes. He is the real deal. His knowledge and experience with Reiki is truly a gift!”

-Sheila S., Evergreen, Colorado

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