By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

And, then it hit me. I have an opportunity to do exactly what I have been wanting to do the last 5 years or so, as I resigned here, and left there, and walked away from that other place to get to this place. I’ve been truly running on faith. Clapton’s “Running on faith” sounds very good these days.

Higher Sources are deeply involved with this new opportunity of mine. At The Ranch, we spend our time on Therapy, Education, Advocacy and Rescue of animals and humans both. Lives are improving at The Ranch, which is one of the reasons why we caught the attention of many who are not visible to the human eye. But, you gotta take my word for it. We’re receiving a lot of spiritual guidance, protection, and love.

Many people need to be rescued these days from just daily living. It’s not easy out there. I know. I get it. I also see it all the time through the eyes of those who I share Reiki with. We can rescue each other by bonding through animal therapy, which is so popular because of its successful track record.

Rescued animals rescuing you and me by just hanging out with us. It’s so awesome. I’m really starting to like goats. I never knew a goat before. But, now I know a few of them. They’re a lot of fun. They make me laugh and I know laughter is good for us. I Love just hanging’ with goats. Never thought I’d say that! Didn’t see that one coming. But, it’s true. Hanging with goats is very therapeutic for me.

And, then it hit me again. All of the movement and walking away and all the stuff I’ve experienced the last 5 years or so was worth the wait. I continue to learn so many lessons, and things like patience, belief, trust and Love. I’m so grateful for the many lessons learned. Now, I have a lot more to learn. It’s what I want to learn more about – the world of healing.

During the last 5 years or so, I always did the work; the healing work, no matter what. That’s what kept me going. I Love my clients. They inspire me so much. Doing the work at The Ranch is like nothing else I have experienced before. I feel like a magnet when I’m there. It’s hard to explain, but I am convinced that 14 Hands Ranch is Sacred Ground. I can feel it. The Ranch is buzzing. The website doesn’t do this special place justice. You have to experience The Ranch. But, in the meantime, please visit

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