By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Today, I am hosting the first day of our Unlimited Usui Reiki Master Teacher Class. It’s a perfect day for healing at a very high level. We will begin the day with an open discussion on why the students want to become Reiki Masters. Each student is already a Level II practitioner, and will share with us what  their healing journey has been like so far. We will discuss why becoming a Master is such a big step, as we strive to walk the talk – living by the Reiki precepts:

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Live with a grateful heart.

Be honest in your work.

Be kind to all living things.

I have known many who know of the precepts, but actually living by these principles is the biggest requirement of a Reiki Master who attends one of our classes. We take the business of Reiki seriously around here. It’s a way of life as we heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are human and we all make mistakes. But, our commitment to serve God and The Hierarchy runs very deep. After all, the healing comes from Higher Sources. Naturally, we want to keep those lines of communication open at all times. We learn to trust at a very high level and honor the Holy Spirit through our work.

After introductions and the opening prayer, we experience the “Meditation for Gratitude & Healing” together. This is a powerful meditation that is now a staple in all of our classes. The meditation is followed by a healing attunement to set the proper tone for the day.

We then dig into the Reiki Precepts and share examples of living by them. This is followed by an overview of Reiki – a refresher. We then discuss what the next steps look like as a Master. The first attunement is then given, followed by an experience from Holy Fire. The subject of self-healing-healing follows along with plenty of time  for working on ourselves. Then, we begin the discussion and demonstrations of sharing Reiki with others.

During these demonstrations, we learn from each other. Different techniques and visualizations are shared at this time. Real life healing examples are also a big part of this portion of the class. Our philosophy is that we learn by doing, so I allow plenty of time for practice.

Chakras are the next major point of discussion, which is followed by another attunement, and another experience from Holy Fire. We build momentum as we continually raise the energy of the class.

Distance Healing is the next part of the class which incorporates actual distance requests that I have received from others. The students and I go through the Distance Healing process as everything expands. We begin by grounding and preparing ourselves. We then share Distance with individuals. Creative healing techniques and visualizations are incorporated into this part of the class. We then expand our healing to include specific parts of the world, followed by global healing exercises. For example, during part of today’s session, we will send Reiki to everyone who was affected by the school shooting in Colorado yesterday.

Reiki for animals is the next part of the class. Students of the Master Class I am hosting today and tomorrow will be able to work on the animals at 14 Hands Ranch tomorrow morning. We will try to incorporate this event into all future classes as well.

Working with stones and crystals has become a bigger part of all of my classes. We cover this topic thoroughly along with how to create and work with a Reiki Grid.

The teachings of Torkom Saraydarian are shared followed by an in-depth conversation about working with Higher Sources. The Great Invocation is  read aloud by all students.

We spend a great deal of time on Reiki’s sacred symbols. This is a big part of the class as the students learn the rhythm of the symbols and experience the wonder of their strength. I work with the Power symbol, Emotional symbol, Distance symbol, Master symbol and Holy Fire. I also incorporate Christ Consciousness into all of my treatments and use the sign of the Cross. This has taken my treatments to a much higher level as I partner with The Holy Spirit.

We meditate on the Master Symbol and the Eternal Flame before the Master attunement, which is followed by another Holy Fire experience. My meditation for the Stars & Higher Sources follows.

We spend a great deal of time on teaching Reiki, how to give attunements and the importance of walking the talk as new Reiki Masters. Each class is different in the amount of information we cover in any given period of time. Higher Sources lead each class. I am simply the facilitator. We always cover everything that needs to be covered before students receive their certificates.

We do not really have a clock to follow or believe that certain time periods have to pass before another part of the class can be covered. Call it free form Reiki if you want to. “Unlimited” really covers what we believe and how we choose to teach Reiki. I firmly believe the only limitations with Reiki are the ones that we put on it. How in the world can you limit something that is without limitations? Reiki is Unlimited.

I am wrapping this up so I can prepare for today’s class which will also include my “Rockin’ Reiki Soup,” “Salad for the Soul,” and plenty of high level nourishment. We are disciples of healing, and are committed to healing the world – one soul at a time. More and more students are helping us lead the charge. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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