By Amy J. Born, Contributor to Colorado Serenity Magazine

“Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger.” These are the words of Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk who discovered Reiki in March of 1922, and words that Jeff Baird lives by today.

In his earlier career, Jeff worked in publishing, launching several magazines and spending some time as the Publisher for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. He prided himself on being the guy who could take an idea and make it happen. When a new kind of marketing business –scent marketing –came his way, he jumped on the chance to be part of this new opportunity. (Scent marketing, he explained, is a way for retailers to increase customer engagement with their brand. An example is infusing the scent of toasted marshmallows in the Cabela’s camping department.)

Jeff and his wife, Tami, fulfilled their long-time dream to live in the mountains when they moved from Centennial to Evergreen six years ago. Jeff enjoyed his job, but he worked long hours, much of it on the road, and the move meant that he was now an hour from the airport, and still away most of time. One day, as he drove his Jeep to DIA in the rain, he asked a question: How can I sustain a living in Evergreen without making so many trips to the airport? It wasn’t long before he had an answer.

He was experiencing severe hand pain, and was considering surgery, although there were no guarantees that the surgery would help. His massage therapist talked to him about Reiki, and suggested it might be something for him to consider. He convinced her to try it on him, even though she said she’d only given treatments to her cat.  That was on a Sunday, just prior to a big meeting he had at his company’s corporate office. The trip was rife with opportunities for stress, and yet, he said, “I went through the week so calm and collected. I never felt so focused before. I accomplished my mission, and my hand pain was gone.” When he returned, he asked his massage therapist for a full Reiki treatment. He adds, “It made me feel so good!”

Jeff became a Reiki Level I practitioner in January 2012 and took the Reiki Level II class the following June, where he learned about Reiki’s sacred symbols and distance healing. “I kept hearing about distance healing, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it,” he said. Once he moved to Evergreen, though, he knew he wanted to become a Reiki Master. He saw an ad for a Level II Advanced class. He called, asked a lot of questions, and took the class in June 2014.  That November, he completed the training for an Unlimited Reiki Master.

His family and friends kept requesting distance treatments.  He thought they were humoring him and just being nice, but they were in fact experiencing the benefits.

“Distance healing became real to me when I was working with a woman recovering from cancer in England,” Jeff explained. He suggested to the lady that they have sessions every night for two weeks. Her positive results were a “gamer-changer” for him. “Everyone is indeed connected. Distance healing is prayer in action,” he said.

In April 2015, Jeff came back from a trip and Tami, who has fibromyalgia, did not look well. Jeff decided to see what he could do to help her. He took three months off to focus on Tami’s healing. They would look at everything that could help –her sleep, diet, exercise, and of course, regular Reiki treatments. “People didn’t recognize her. She had a new glow about her. The Reiki was helping her so much,” he explains.

Jeff was definitely on a path to fulfill his dream. His intention had always been to find a way to have his growing Reiki practice compliment his day job, but he decided to take the leap last June and make Reiki his full time career. He started Sunrise Reiki Colorado, the name inspired by stunning photos of the sunrise Tami had taken from their mountain home. “Reiki is now my employer, and I have never been happier,” he said. In August, 2018, he completed the USUI/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher training, and received the Holy Fire III upgrade in January of this year.

Throughout his life, Jeff excelled at establishing mutually beneficial relationships and he’s now doing that with Reiki. “Healing is a team effort. The energy is not mine. Ego has to step aside. The energy comes through me, as I channel it to the recipient.”

He practices Reiki in multiple locations –his home studio, Evergreen Massage, Buchanan Rec Center – and has a variety of clients, both human and animal. Jeff does a lot of work with veterans too. Once a month, he goes to the Northern Colorado Veterans Resource Center in Greeley. He also works with families and rescued animals. “Recently, I shared Reiki with a veteran in the barn at 14 Hands Ranch. He had PTSD and was holding a furry white bunny during the treatment. There was a horse nearby making all kinds of noise while he watched us closely. I asked the veteran if he was able to relax with all that was going on around hin. He said, yes, and that he was used to hearing bombs and gunfire. He didn’t mind the barn noises whatsoever,” Jeff recalled.

Reiki, Jeff said, is the fastest growing healing modality in the world today. It is a Japanese healing method for stress reduction that helps with all kinds of pain and discomfort –physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. From scrapes and allergies to stress and trauma, people use Reiki to heal and maintain a sense of wellness.

Jeff is working on a book about Reiki, called “The Reiki Guy.” He explained that he is trying to take the “woo-woo” out if it and use his business background to introduce people to it in a professional way. “I’ve seen so many healings. I’m trying to give it the proper attention it deserves.”

He added, “I’m doing exactly what I set out to do. Healing the world one soul at a time.”

Jeff will be at the Foothills Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show at Evergreen High School March 30-31. For more information on his practice, visit


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