By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I love my good friends in Northern Colorado. Thank You for welcoming me into your space even though I never served. You guys are incredible. Heroes. Thank You for sacrificing your time, energy, mind and body to defend my rights to live the kind of life I choose. My gratitude for veterans could not run any deeper.

Rock – You’re the Man who always delivers. It was an honor to meet your kids. Your son experienced what was my most memorable Reiki session to date – in the barn, with the rabbit and everything else that was going on. Thank You for taking the time to come to 14 Hands Ranch. I wasn’t exaggerating when I told you how cool this place is, was I?

Ellen, you know I’m thinking about you tonight. I’m going to send you some Reiki for a good night’s sleep. Thank You for telling your husband about Reiki and getting this whole thing going. I luv ya’ Ellen. You are as strong as they come.

Ed, thanks for marrying Ellen. You guys are a great fit, and it’s an honor to share Reiki with both of you. You’re a Man’s Man Ed. I don’t think that doctor realizes what he’s in for tomorrow. “We come as a family.” Pure awesomeness.

Les: You’re a man’s man too. You work your ass off. So glad Reiki is giving you some relief. Thank You for your service.

Harrison – You’re already a Living Legend, my Man. Keep on keepin’ on brother. Thanks for letting me hang around.

Deb – Ask me how much I love you. You climbed and then sat on the rocks over the stage at Red Rocks and watched Jimi Hendrix? I knew you were way cool, but your level of coolness took leaps today after hearing about some of the concerts you attended back in the day. Doors at Greeley Stampede. Say no more.

You have become like a soul sister Deb. Seeing Reiki work in your life, and Ritchie’s life has been so cool to see. I know I said Ellen is as strong as they come. But, so are you. Damn, you ladies are tough. You are something special and I’m really glad we’re friends. You need to come to Evergreen when it warms up.

Thanks for a Great Day everyone. See you on 3/20.



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