By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado

I love being called “The Reiki Guy.” It’s a simple confirmation of who I am. It took a while for me to get to this place, where I am being called The Reiki Guy. But, the timing is perfect. A while back, before I went all in with Reiki, I was wondering who I really was. The main question for me was – am I a Reiki practitioner or a sales and marketing guy? I tried to do both before things lined up perfectly for me.

I had to go all in in order to earn the right to be called The Reiki Guy. They call me that at the Northern Colorado Veterans Resource Center, 14 Hands Ranch, Evergreen Parks & Recreation, Evergreen Massage and anywhere else I may go to help relieve somebody’s pain. This is a full time job, and it’s a dream come true. Our intentions are so strong. I’m living proof and grateful beyond words.

The front lines of healing is where the magic happens. You literally have to be there, and I get to be there every single time. What a blessing it is. I try to write timely articles when something hits me, and share it with you. I couldn’t love you anymore for taking the time to read my words. The Reiki Guy thanks you, and I’m not one of those third person talkers. THANK YOU.

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