By Jeff Baird, Sunrise Reiki Colorado ♥

I just walked outside and found a doorhanger from a politician on my front door. He says he has a plan, and I hope he does. I hope it’s a good one too. With my marketing background, I always look carefully at things that were created to get my attention. I’m old enough to say that I have been involved with just about every form of marketing, until I chose to walk away and focus on healing full time. As a salesman I knocked on doors until my knuckles bled, and always made the next call. So, I respect sales and marketing efforts.

Maybe he does have a plan. I don’t know. His doorhanger didn’t convince me of much. But, it got my wheels turning. What if a person had a plan that attracted many others who put their heart and soul into the plan? What if it was a really good plan and had some muscle behind it? There is a Master Plan and we play a vital role. We all have a job to do. That’s why we’re here. That’s the plan that really matters, and we need to pay closer attention to it. But, that is a bigger discussion for another time.

I have seen countless plans come to fruition. We are always making plans. When we follow through on our dreams that evolved into a plan, they come true. It’s a big part of the human condition. We’re planners. The door hanger guy isn’t the only one with a plan. We all have a plan or an idea on what should be done to make our world a much better place to live. When we do our part, and the size of the group doing their part grows and moves in the same direction together, then dreams come true. You don’t get very far if you’re going in too many directions.

We plan for success. We plan ahead for our next plan. We believe in the plan because we believe in ourselves. We believe in all possibilities. We plan for setbacks. We plan for triumphs. But, most of all, we plan for long term success.

I am hoping the next doorhanger, and I am confident there will be more doorhangers, will be better than the one I saw today. If he created this especially for me because he cares so much about me… Well, good luck with your plan. May the best man with the best plan win.

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